Sami's 486 server

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Operating system
The operating system is lEEt/OS, running on top of the FreeDOS kernel. lEEt/OS is a multitasking system that works in 16-bit mode of x86 CPUs. The memory requirement is approximately 160 kilobytes, which leaves about 480 kilobytes free for programs.

Internet connectivity
The system accesses the internet via a separate TCP/IP stack, that is also written by the server administrator. The TCP/IP-stack supports IPv4, TCP, UDP and ARP protocols. IPv6 is not supported at the moment. The server computer has a 3COM Etherlink III networking adapter, and is connected to a network router by an RJ45 cable. The TCP/IP stack controls the networking card using a packet driver.

Server software
The HTTP server is a multithreaded program written in VPU bytecode assembly, a programming language of lEEt/OS. It creates two threads for every client. The first thread answers to the HTTP request and the second thread kills the first if answering to the request does not succeed in a specified time.

Flow chart